Retaining Wall-Zeb Retaining Wall


Our retaining walls are veneered with real natural stone to compliment or match our steps.

Steps and walls are often closely related. One of the most common uses of our retaining wall sections is to create planting beds in front of the house on one or both sides of the step. We can manufacture the walls to the height and length needed to give you the planter size that you want. The walls are bolted together on the inside with consideration to provide proper drainage.

STEP GUY retaining walls are actually structural precast concrete walls and they are designed to retain grades up to 48 inches in height with the proper backfill and drainage behind them.
Look down below to see how some folks have used this product with Henry, Zeb, and Rock-a-fella.
Give us a holler or better yet send us some of them fancy digital photos showing what you wanna do at your house.

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