Planters for Steps


Henry with a planter.

All of our planters, regardless of finish, are 18" wide and measure 25" from the top of the step platform to the top of the planter.

When you purchase a step with a planter from The Step Guys we give you a planter insert that fits inside the top for free. This is particularly handy at the beginning and end of the growing season because you can easily bring your flowers in at night to protect them from freezing temperatures.

Steps must be at least 6 feet wide to accomodate a planter.

A planter is a seperate precast concrete casting that is bolted onto the step with drain holes at the bottom to permit water to pass through harmlessly to the ground.

Planters are all about good looks and curb appeal.

It is the uninterrupted stone work on this three riser that extends nearly four feet on the outside wall that beautifully compliments the surrounding landscaping.

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