Rock-a-fella Steps


Lots of people take him for granite....

and lots of people can't believe that Rock-a-fella is one of our precast concrete steps....

because lots of people have never seen anything quite like Rockafella.

This is where the beauty and appeal of granite steps meet the affordability and functionality of precast concrete steps.

New Englanders first fell in love with the look of granite steps before they helped elect George Washington as President but they have never quite been happy with granite steps that shifted, got out of level, or became uneven with use.

Over fifteen years ago, The Step Guys introduced Rock-a-fella and forever changed the step world in New England. Rock-a-fella is made in one piece up to 5 risers in height and in variable widths between 4 and 8 feet wide.

The good looks of granite have been combined into the efficiency of precast concrete steps to provide homeowners with what they want...The "unmanufactured look" in a step that can be installed without the customer having to prepare a base for the step.
One piece construction means that Rock-a-fella is set using the reliable installation of precast concrete steps. Best of all, because the Step Guys are a full service step company, removals of old brick or concrete steps are no longer a problem for the homeowner.

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